Fantastic Mr. Fox

Roald Dahl wrote James and the Giant Peach, The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and several other children’s books that have captivated my imagination.  As a kid, I could just imagine what it would’ve been like to fly through the sky on an enormous peach tied to hundreds of seagulls.  And I loved the idea that just perhaps I might have the golden ticket in my Snickers bar.  I don’t remember reading Fantastic Mr. Fox as a child, but when you combine Wes Anderson’s version of this story with my friend Jordan, who is a sneaky, red-headed fox…

Jordan is a swirl of life who has loved, inspired, and supported many friends in the midst of a challenging time in his life.  He wanted to spend an extremely special day with the people in these images and behind these images.  It was a wonderful day that has left us all with some truly hilarious memories and beautiful images captured by Heather Espana.  We all hope that you enjoy our version of Fantastic Mr. Fox.  And Jordan…you are a light in my life.  Thanks for always believing in me and helping me to pursue my creative dreams.


Art Direction, Styling, & Prop Development: Rachel Morell

Photography: Heather Espana of Espana Photography

Animal Friends: Jordan Shreeve, Rachel Morell, Jenny Gilday, Tyler Zimmerman, Stephanie Grosse, Sadie Olson, Ashley Brown & Nathan Widdicombe

Production Assistants: Dana Bowers, Garrett Thompson, Martha Wood

Location:  Champoeg State Park & Newberg, Oregon


There will be 3 installments of this story….there are just SO many images to share!


Jessica Zigenis - These are enchanting. I’m swooning over here! And what a delightful coincidence that I posted my wes anderson b-day party pics today at my blog (where I came as mrs. fox from fantastic mr. fox!). So much fox lovin’ going on today. I dig it!

Tiny Woodland Creatures

By now, you should all know that I’m a huge fan of woodland creatures.  Imagine my DELIGHT when Amy from The Bella Casa Group contacted me in November about dreaming up some woodland ideas for 4 tiny cousins.  As a result, we’ve been talking for months about tiny hats and tails, tiny plaid shirts, and tiny personalities.  You can see my inspiration board on Pinterest hereBloomin’ Hattie’s crocheted the most darling bear, deer, and fox bits while Good Karma Crochet gave us a perfect skunk hat and tail.  And remember Tim Johnson?  He made that dreamy Circus video last year?  Well, he was there too and we’re all anxiously waiting to see what he’s cooked up!  Stay tuned for that in a few weeks.

The clouds parted for a unusually warm and sunny day in February and these little kiddos were SO great in front of the camera.  I sort of can’t get over them!

Beferny - You just made my ovaries hurt.

Meaghan - This is adorable! And I love seeing your ideas come to life!

Beth Woolsey: Five Kids Is A Lot Of Kids - Hooray! It’s always a lift to see your gorgeous images! I just love these baby woodland creatures. Perfect subjects beautifully dressed and captured. Well done.

Judy - I know I am a little prejudiced as their great grandmother, but these are special, and I can’t wait to have a few copies to display!
Thanks for doing this.

Juli - Such gorgeous photos of the cutest kids in the world! So imaginative – I love your work!

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