Newberg Photo Booth – Bruin Madness!

You all are HILARIOUS.  And don’t worry, there are a bazillion more photos to be seen and laughed at.  There’s also a link at the bottom of this post where you can go to view them.  Thanks for playing with me as I branch out into the wonderful land of photo boothing!


That last picture wins the prize.  Hands down.


To view all of the photos taken during Bruin Madness, please visit the George Fox University Alumni facebook page.

Meaghan - What an awesome idea! Good thing you have a closet full of props!

Little Gnomes

Can you imagine a world where gnomes were real?  So much would get done…well anyway, aren’t these brothers precious?  Heather and I met their mom at a craft show a couple of months ago and as it turns out, she was so excited to have us plan a little shoot with her boys!  We managed to get a few smiles from the little guy in between tears while his older brother was a champ.  There’s really nothing funnier than 3 grown women trying to get a baby to stop crying.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!  Fawn & Feather will be back in the new year, better than ever.  We’ve been fattening up on baked goods and brilliant ideas.

Hats and Styling: Rachel Morell

Photography: Heather España

Halloween Costumes

So here are our costumes from Halloween.  They both turned out wonderfully!  Enjoy.  Oh, and thanks to John and Erin from Photo Macy for our sweet pixes and for hosting an awesome “Holy Ghost Weiner Roast.”

Meaghan - Once again, you guys look awesome! There is no doubt you know how to do holidays, especially Halloween!

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