Lipstick Ladies

As the school year winds down in these parts, people are saying goodbye and figuring out what the next few months will look like.  This group of delightful women made the most of the waning days of this year as they spent Easter weekend together in Seattle and then woke up early to spend the morning with me and one another.  There were a lot of curlers, pearl necklaces, red lipstick and hairspray…and maybe some laughing.  OK, how about a ton of laughing all around?  It’s such a joy to be able to look at these pictures and know that the smiles and open-mouthed laughing are made from genuine friendship.  A very special thanks to Sarah Jobson for the idea and support and to Jem 100 for making our time in your restaurant so special!

Photography:  Rachel Morell

Hair and Makeup: Dana Bowers & Rachel Morell

Dresses: Vintage (4)

Location: Jem 100 in Newberg



Danielle - Oh my goodness!!! These are so wonderful! We had so much fun with you and Heather!!! Thanks again!

Danielle - Rachel these are incredible!!!! Thank you so much. We had such a blast with you and Heather and loved spending another day together as always! Thanks again!

Bryan Rupp - Love seeing what you’re doing Rachel! Rad! Beautiful work and idea!

Courtney - Wow these are so cute girls! I love them!

Dabnee Stoecker - Amazing work. My daughter is Shawnte and you captured her timeless beauty! Nice work.


Theresa Hartman - Beautiful pictures my daughter, Danielle.Danielle is a beautiful young woman and you have caputured her in every way possible!!! Love them Thanks

emily - Heather + Rachael = dream team of themed shoots.

Happy Birthday Liz!

Birthdays are a big deal in this house.  In fact, the rule is that you get the entire month to demand whatever you want.  Imagine my delight, when Liz asked if I would help her create an unforgettable birthday experience!  Sunday was spent with some of the greatest girls I know as we celebrated Liz’s birthday-tribal style.  In case you can’t figure it out from the pictures, Liz is the one with dark, curly hair and sparkley brown eyes.  A few months ago, Liz mentioned in passing that she wanted to do a safari photo shoot with her friends for her birthday.  So that’s exactly what we did…minus the baby elephant…and well, safari.  Think exotic, colorful, tribal.  I got to spend time with each of these women individually throughout the week, several of whom will be graduating in a week, to figure out their wardrobe.  My life…it’s so rich.  Happy Birthday Liz-you are witty, gorgeous, and a leader.  Ladies-what did my life do without you before?  Thanks for helping me figure out what it is I love to do!

Photography:  Rachel Morell and Heather Espana

Hair and Makeup: Sadie Olson and Rachel Morell

Locations: Newberg and Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge




Sarah Cadd - Rachel and Heather have truly outdone themselves! I loved every bit of this shoot and am so happy with how everything turned out! Thanks ladies & Elizabeth Tolon for a day I will never forget!

Tami - Another beautiful shoot Rachel and Heather! I can’t believe I’m friends with such cool people. 🙂

Bethany - yes and yes.
That’s a good looking crew. And great colors.

Joni Tolon - Absolutely amazing. Beautiful women and beautiful pictures!

Fawn and Feather is for real!

Tomorrow morning, I will head up to Seattle to put up my first official show as “Fawn and Feather!”  Thanks to Trish Gilmore at RetroActive Kids for letting me display my latest project.  I will be posting pictures of my pictures (that seems redundant) soon.  In the meantime, you can see the photographs of my Woodland Creature photo shoot on the blog of the oh-so-talented Heather from Espana Photography who did an unbelievable job of making my vision into a reality.  Welcome to the world Fawn and Feather…you are loved!

Dad - You are sooo creative! You must get that from your mother!

f e a t u r e d