Deer Makeup Tutorial AGAIN!

This is such a hit every year.  Go for it!  And send me some pictures while you’re at it!

Here are the makeup supplies that you’ll be needing. I don’t use anything fancy or expensive. The only unusual items are the cream makeup and eyelashes, but as it’s Halloween in almost every store you go into, they are an easy find everywhere. Mine are from Fred Meyer.

Step #1:

Starting with a clean face, use the large brush to powder on the crushed, brown eyeshadow. Make sure you go all the way up to your hairline but avoid your eyes (you’ll be painting white on later) and don’t go below your cheeks. Don’t be discouraged at this point, because trust me…you’ll feel like a chimney sweep. It gets better.

Step #2:

Using a Q-tip, paint white oval teardrops around your eye. I paint up to my eyebrown and a little bit along the bridge of my nose. The shape sort of ends up looking like a comic book speech bubble. I apply the paint with a Q-tip but blend it with the foam makeup applicator. You might need to let a layer dry a little bit and then apply a second layer, but be careful because I found that the more I messed with it, the more it would come off.

Step #3:

Using the small brush and a brown eyeshadow, fill in your eyebrows. Continue that shape down the bridge of your nose a bit, but don’t go beyond the white. I also continue the line of my eyebrow around the outer edge and end right about parallel to my bottom lid. Somehow, it’s this dark, almost-full circle that really makes you look like an animal.

Step #4:

I use the same shadow as above to line my eyes a little bit on the top and bottom in addition to adding a little bit of mascara. Mostly to cover up any shadow or paint that I’ve gotten on my lashes. Then I apply the fake eyelashes. THIS IT THE PART THAT REALLY MAKES YOUR LOOK POP! I’m not an expert by any means on how to put on eyelashes, so if you have a better way, go for it. I’m sure Youtube is helpful. I use a toothpick to spread the glue on the lashes as I hold them in tweezers. I let it dry for about 20 seconds, so that it’s tacky and then I start on the outer edge of my top lashes. Keep your fake eyelashes as close to your natural lashes as possible, or you’ll have a flesh colored line that isn’t pretty. This step is tedious if you’re not good, so having a friend help might be a good idea. Just be careful not to rub off any of your other makeup.

Step #5:

Using the black and white cream makeup, paint your deer nose. I paint the skin around my nostrils black (and even inside just a little bit) and then paint a white stripe along the top. To get the white spots, you can either use a Q-tip or the tip of your finger. Paint however many you want, but don’t go below your nose. I tried to get the white dots to match the white of my eyes, otherwise the dots look really bright white in comparison. Try to stay consistent.

Step #6:

You’re done with the makeup part! You can add lip color if you want.

Step #7:

As far as your actual costume goes, it doesn’t really matter what you wear because your face says it all. I wore a fur vest the year I dressed up. Sadie wore plaid, a sweater, and suspenders. I like to think of my animal characters as actual animals who sort of don’t know how to dress. They generally end up wearing mismatched, eclectic, textured, and layered clothes. Whatever suits your fancy. I really lucked out to find these Burger King toy antlers at a thrift store. For Sadie, I actually attached a real set of antlers to her head. It wasn’t easy, but if you can find a set, go for it! I’ve also seen tutorials on how to make clay antlers, twig antlers and people who sell them on Etsy. Figure this part out now, because you only have 2 weeks until Halloween!

P.S. I recognize the irony of wearing grown up deer antlers with baby deer spots. Oh well! Irony is cool, right? I suppose that you could leave off the spots and look like a really beautiful lady deer.

Who’s going to be a deer this Halloween? I’d love to see how your costume turns out! Feel free to email me pictures or send questions my way.

My best advice to you now, is to practice at least once. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to figure this out 30 minutes before you head to a sweet Halloween party.

Thanks to Heather España-McGeehon for taking these photos and always making me look good.

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